Professional House Washing

Power Washing Company in Douglasville GA

HOA’s sending threating letters to your home? Looking to sell your home and need to add instant curb appeal? Tired of coming home and seeing that nasty green gook on the side of your house ? Or is pressure washing a project you dredd doing yourself every year? You have come to the right place here at higher power pressure wash we specialize in all forms of exterior cleaning. We specialize in a High Volume – Low Pressure process commonly known as “softwashing”. With this process we are able to clean all exteriors without the use of ladders, harsh chemicals or HIGH PRESSURE

Don’t panic, though! The professional and experienced team at Higher Power Pressure Wash have the low-pressure equipment to clean your gutters, downspouts, and roof effectively. 

How does the low-pressure gutter cleaning process work?  

  • We’ll start by ensuring that the gutters, downspouts, and roof areas being pressure washed are clean of any obstructions and do the first pass to remove any large debris such as leaves and branches. 

  • The next step in the gutter cleaning process is using a combination of cleaning products and low-pressure washing to clean and restore your gutters and downspouts effectively.  

  • The final step is a wash down of the entire area and clean-up that will leave your gutters and downspouts clean and ready for the next rainfall coming your way.  

If you would like a quote on any house washing in Douglasville, GA, or surrounding areas, then don’t hesitate to contact us online, or phone us directly on 404-838-3619. Our friendly and professional team are always happy to give you a 100% free, no-obligation quote on any pressure washing, window cleaning, gutter cleaning, and roof cleaning.