Professional Power Washing

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For almost a decade, Higher Power Pressure Wash has been using non-invasive, low-power washing techniques to power wash residential and commercial properties and buildings in the Douglasville, GA area. If you need power washing, then their experienced and qualified team of technicians are ready to help you!

If you’re thinking of selling your home or property, any prospective buyers must get a great first impression. Curb appeal is a major aspect of successfully selling any property. If you have been searching for power washing near me in Douglassville, GA, then you have come to the right place!

At Higher Power Pressure Wash, we have perfected the technique of using low-power to clean and restore dirty and damaged exterior areas of homes and commercial properties. The low-power washing equipment and techniques ensure that no damage done to the existing paintwork or external cladding.

Low-power washing techniques are a safe and effective way to power wash your home, your roof, your external walls, and windows. Utilizing low-power washing processes, your external areas will be left looking like the day they were installed.

What is the procedure for low-power washing? We’ll explain below:

  • We’ll start by ensuring that the area being power washed is clean of any obstructions and do the first pass to remove any large debris.

  • Next, we’ll use a combination of cleaning products and low-power washing to effectively clean and restore your exterior surfaces.

  • Finally, a final wash down of the area and clean-up will leave your external areas looking clean, revitalized, and good as new.

If you’re tired of looking at an excessive build-up of grime and gunk on your property, then perhaps it’s time that you gave the professional team at Higher Power Pressure Wash a call? They’ll be able to walk you through the low-power washing process and have your home or business looking clean and tidy in no time at all!

If you would like a quote on any power washing in Douglasville, GA, or surrounding areas, then don’t hesitate to contact us online, or phone us directly on 404-838-3619. Our friendly and professional team are always happy to give you a 100% free, no-obligation quote on any power washing, window cleaning, gutter cleaning, and roof cleaning.